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The Atlantic Ocean Road Norway

Sep 5, 2015 | Norway | 0 comments

Fancy driving a rollercoaster?, well your own, let me make it clear, driving a car on a rollercoaster track, yes exactly, sounds weird, that’s exactly what this beautiful road is all about, the Atlantic road is voted one of the best road trips, it begs to be driven and experienced.


Atlantic road - Storseisundet Bridge

The longest and fascinating of the bridges on the Atlantic road.

The road link connecting the two fishing villages of Vevang in Eide with Karvag in Averoy links 11 small islands and skerries. This 8.2km route consists of small viaducts, causeways and 8 bridges and the most notable one is the Storseisundet Bridge.

Atlantic road - Storseisundet Bridge

From the Panoramic view-point and Elshusøya rest area

Sharp turns, the beautiful curve of the bridge, wild nature and wonderful scenery awaits at every turn, no wonder this is one of the best roads to be enjoyed, there are lots of Panoramic view points and rest areas along the road.

The main highlight of this bridge is the feeling of going no where, the feeling of an abrupt drop, similar to being on a rollercoaster before the free run down the rails, it’s just amazing.

Atlantic road - Storseisundet Bridge

The drive to the top, thrilling and with no view of whats on the other side is the highlight

On this road trip to Norway, we drove 2 beautiful roads, this one and the Trollstigen mountain road, see more in pictures below.

Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer

We stayed in the lovely Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer cottages by the Atlantic road.

Staying by the Atlantic road in Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer with nice views and plenty of options for fishing and camping, they have cozy little cabins for small and bigger size groups.

Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer cottages

Perfect views for a relaxing break

Not far from here is another beautiful and tourist road to Geiranger famously known as the Trolls path, 11 hairpin bends around the lofty mountains takes you to some fantastic view points, from the atlantic road its a 2 hour drive with a short ferry ride gets you to this scenic spot.

Geiranger - Trollstigen Road

Winding roads and lofty mountains makes this a beauty

Geiranger - Trollstigen Road

Such a view mandates a photo moment

Trollstigen Camping provides a base for an overnight stay or a rest stop on the Trollstigen road with a nice restaurant and souvenir shop.

Trollstigen Camping

Trollstigen Camping and rest stop at the base of the Trollstigen road

Trollstigen Cottage

Nice little cottage for the night

Trollstigen Camping

It’s nice to have fresh home-made tea and with a view of the mountains

Trollstigen Cafe

And a nice café (62.454031, 7.664763 )at the top to refresh your cravings…

Trip File

  • The nearest airport is Alesund, a 2.5 hour drive with a ferry transfer between Molde and Vestnes.
  • Rent a car from any of the car hires in the airport, book in advance to get good rates, our 4 day rental cost us 90 GBP from Hertz.
  • Staying near the Atlantic road open up a host of opportunities to explore the area around Averoy.
  • It’s a perfect place for fishing if you are into it.
  • Kayaks and motorboats can be hired nearby.
  • If you plan to stay in self catering cottages, there are nearby supermarkets in Eide to stock up on food.
  • We stayed at the Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer cottages (63.012070, 7.428967) by the Atlantic road and Trollstigen Camping cabins (62.499087, 7.671227) at the base of the Trollstigen road.
  • Both cottages are self catering and have all you need if you want to cook a meal or two.
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