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A life of Travel or a travel lifestyle is what describes us best.


We are Kans and Suni behind the Vividscapes banner, lovingly crafted to showcase the beauty of this world through photographs.

You can find us sipping wine in remote vineyards or jumping from a dam in Switzerland with just a rope tied to the leg, we have an insatiable quest for adventure, wildlife and Photography, and travelling to offbeat locations to do something crazy.

As far and as much as possible

Work ridiculous shifts to save your money.
Go without the latest iPhone.
Throw yourself out of your comfort zone.
Find out how other people live &
realise that the world is a much bigger
place than the town you live in.

and when you come home,
home may still be the same,
& yes, you may go back to the same old job,
but something in your mind will have
that changes everything.

Photography and Travelling taught us to look at the intrinsic beauty of nature and its vibrancy which amazed us and is still doing so. Standing in front of natures diverse beauty and awe is in itself a form of meditation, a never-ending quest for beauty and the challenge of finding the next beautiful shot that we can capture and mastering the skills needed to do the same.

Whats Vividscapes

(of a colour) intensely deep or bright.
“the rhododendron bush provides a vivid splash of mauve”
combining form
suffix: -scape
  1. denoting a specified type of scene.

What We Are Not

  • We are not… “Quit your job, sell everything and go travel” type blog, there are thousands of blogs on that and its not for everyone.
  • We are not… A backpacker or a budget blog or a luxury lifestyle type, we do treat ourselves to luxury occasionally, and all other time we are on the frugal side.
  • We are not… Top 10 list followers, there are so many things out of the top 10 to be explored along with the top lists, and our top 10 might be very different to yours.
  • We are not… So much into the idea of living our life out of a suitcase, constantly unpacking and packing every now and then, we like to come back to a place called home to unwind, and then plan the next adventure.

So What Are We Then ?

Photography is a key part of Vividscapes, we get inspired to Travel to a place by looking at beautiful photographs, what better way to inspire one another by way of photographic imprints from the various places we traveled to. On our Travelog we share details of how we visited a place, experiences on the way and any useful tips that we learnt during the travels and key locations for photography.

We want… to keep it real in the never ending social world filled with Instagrammable photos, over processed images, hammocks at unimaginable places, staging a camp or a mountain climb just for photos, poses with flawless makeup and hair after a tiring day trek only screams fake all over it and many many more such fakeness.

We want… to keep it real and authentic, we dont want to put up images of our legs hanging out of a tent at the edge of a cliff if we did not camp there, we want to keep it as an experience for all and not fake it for the sake of making it big.

We want… the experience and the story to be more important than getting a fake shot.

We call it a Travel Lifestyle because we try to squeeze in loads of travel amidst our personal and professional lives, we made a conscious choice of not chasing high career goals and instead focus and allow more time for travel, the privilege of choice that we thank the universe for.

Our Type Of Travel

After a few experiments with different styles, we have found what we like best, Slow paced, a bit of planning, off beat locations and a bit of adventure sprinkled along the way, we love to get to a place, explore it slowly, take in the smells and culture of the place and its people.

We prefer AirBnb, homes and camping under the sky, over hotels or restaurant chains, self drive explore over cabs or group tours, we can never go on a group tour, we feel out of pace and very constricted to stick to a fixed plan.

Who pays for our travel ?

All our travels till now are fully paid for by us from our own savings, we don’t own any fancy car or high end jewellery, instead we save as much we can and use it for our travel funds, we also work in IT field as freelancers.

We work for a few months or more, Earn, Save, Travel, Spend…. Rinse and repeat the process, we are not big into blogging or writing so we chose whats more easier for us to accumulate the funds we need to travel, IT work was much easier and it will be easier to find IT work elsewhere if we choose to move to a different country and live there for a while.

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