We are Kans And Suni

A life of Travel or a travel lifestyle is what describes us best.


We are Kannan and Suni(Sara) behind the Vividscapes banner, we both work in IT and do freelance jobs, save up and Travel as much and as often as possible…. a Travel lifestyle as we call it..

You can find us sipping wine in remote vineyards or jumping from a dam in Switzerland with just a rope tied to the leg, we have an insatiable quest for adventure, wildlife and Photography, and travelling to offbeat locations to do something crazy.

Photography taught us to look at the intrinsic beauty of nature and its vibrancy which amazed us and is still doing so. Standing in front of natures diverse beauty and awe is in itself a form of meditation, a never-ending quest for beauty and the challenge of finding the next beautiful shot that we can capture and mastering the skills needed to do the same.

There is a magical fantasy to traveling, we just want to inspire one another to travel, escape our comfort zones, feel the distant lands, socialise with different cultures and be one with nature.

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