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The Atlantic road Norway

The Atlantic road Norway

Beautiful Norwegian Atlantic and Trollstigen road drives

September 52015

Fancy driving a rollercoaster?, well your own, let me make it clear, driving a car on a rollercoaster track, yes exactly, sounds weird, that’s exactly what this beautiful road is all about, the Atlantic road is voted one of the best road trips, it begs to be driven and experienced.

Atlantic road - Storseisundet Bridge

The longest and fascinating of the bridges on the Atlantic road.

The road link connecting the two fishing villages of Vevang in Eide with Karvag in Averoy links 11 small islands and skerries. This 8.2km route consists of small viaducts, causeways and 8 bridges and the most notable one is the Storseisundet Bridge.

Atlantic road - Storseisundet Bridge

From the Panoramic view-point and Elshusøya rest area

Sharp turns, the beautiful curve of the bridge, wild nature and wonderful scenery awaits at every turn, no wonder this is one of the best roads to be enjoyed, there are lots of Panoramic view points and rest areas along the road.

The main highlight of this bridge is the feeling of going no where, the feeling of an abrupt drop, similar to being on a rollercoaster before the free run down the rails, it’s just amazing.

Atlantic road - Storseisundet Bridge

The drive to the top, thrilling and with no view of whats on the other side is the highlight

On this road trip to Norway, we drove 2 beautiful roads, this one and the Trollstigen mountain road, see more in pictures below.

Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer

We stayed in the lovely Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer cottages by the Atlantic road.

Staying by the Atlantic road in Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer with nice views and plenty of options for fishing and camping, they have cozy little cabins for small and bigger size groups.

Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer cottages

Perfect views for a relaxing break

Not far from here is another beautiful and tourist road to Geiranger famously known as the Trolls path, 11 hairpin bends around the lofty mountains takes you to some fantastic view points, from the atlantic road its a 2 hour drive with a short ferry ride gets you to this scenic spot.

Geiranger - Trollstigen Road

Winding roads and lofty mountains makes this a beauty

Geiranger - Trollstigen Road

Such a view mandates a photo moment

Trollstigen Camping provides a base for an overnight stay or a rest stop on the Trollstigen road with a nice restaurant and souvenir shop.

Trollstigen Camping

Trollstigen Camping and rest stop at the base of the Trollstigen road

Trollstigen Cottage

Nice little cottage for the night

Trollstigen Camping

It’s nice to have fresh home-made tea and with a view of the mountains

Trollstigen Cafe

And a nice café (62.454031, 7.664763 )at the top to refresh your cravings…

Trip File

  • The nearest airport is Alesund, a 2.5 hour drive with a ferry transfer between Molde and Vestnes.
  • Rent a car from any of the car hires in the airport, book in advance to get good rates, our 4 day rental cost us 90 GBP from Hertz.
  • Staying near the Atlantic road open up a host of opportunities to explore the area around Averoy.
  • It’s a perfect place for fishing if you are into it.
  • Kayaks and motorboats can be hired nearby.
  • If you plan to stay in self catering cottages, there are nearby supermarkets in Eide to stock up on food.
  • We stayed at the Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer cottages (63.012070, 7.428967) by the Atlantic road and Trollstigen Camping cabins (62.499087, 7.671227) at the base of the Trollstigen road.
  • Both cottages are self catering and have all you need if you want to cook a meal or two.
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Finally…The search for the Aurora Succeeds…

Finally…The search for the Aurora Succeeds…

An Aurora hunting spectacular

September 282013

The search for the Northern lights began last year in 2012, plans penned down, tickets booked, maps saved and key viewing spots all jotted down, the Dec of 2012 came and went and we couldn’t spot the Aurora in Northern Iceland due to heavy snow and cloudy conditions, but the trip was fantastic and we enjoyed every bit of it. Click on the link above to read more on the North Iceland trip.

The love for the Elusive Aurora grew even more stronger and we decided to plan another trip in 2013, this year the Aurora was supposed to be at its peak and what better place on earth would it be for Aurora viewing other than the famous city of Tromso in Northern Norway and we were not wrong, we had fantastic viewings for 4 days over the week we stayed, intense and dancing mystical lights, not something that can be missed.

Captured from our Cottage next to the shore line.

Captured from our Cottage next to the shore line.

After lots of Googling and reading up on the weather patterns, we chose September to be a safe bet and we were right and rewarded with some amazing Auroral displays.
Aurora displays are more active around the Solstices, so the Solstice around September 21 seemed apt, weather in Tromso was also mild with the start of the rainy season, so there are better chances of clear skies around these months than during the peak winter months.

Science behind the Aurora



Aurora View points around Tromso:

Below are geo-coords of interesting Aurora view points around Tromso, helpful if you are on a Self Drive trip and have a satnav handy.

 Ersfjordbotn  69.68994, 18.5905
 (another side of sea) – 69.70005, 18.6163
(fjord view point) – 69.74139, 18.4748
 Tromvik  69.78441, 18.4024
 Kvaloya  69.8519, 18.820
 Sommaroy  69.64268, 18.0019
 Ringvassoy nordkjosen  69.96345, 18.9070
 Ringvassoy dafjord  69.9966, 19.338
 Ringvassoy hansnes  70.0220, 19.592
 Balsfjord  69.3113, 19.3456
 Skibotn  69.402, 20.270 (Popular with guides), (dry weather)
 Skibotn astro observatory  69.34837, 20.3645
 Lyngen view  69.591, 20.418
 Alta via Skibotn  69.946, 23.183 (6 hrs from Tromso)

Tromso Norway Finland GPS Track log

Best time of the Year for Aurora:

So there is really no best time of the year, Auroral displays are visible during long and dark nights, So August to March is best and you need clear skies, so if you can avoid the peak winter and snow season you might increase the chances of a good display, and the best would be to spend a week or more increasing the chances of clear skies and better weather.

Where to See the Aurora:

All you need to see the Aurora is some place in the Northern Hemisphere, some notable ones are Canada, Tromso, Iceland, Finland and the like…. and a dark area to look up at the sky away from the city lights.

Aurora Viewing Tips:

There is nothing special you need other than a pair of eyes and lots of patience and some hot drinks to help you keep awake long into the chilly nights.

Auroras are difficult to predict with precision, but if you keep checking the aurora forecast often and plan accordingly, the chances of a viewing are greatly increased.

Watch out for the Aurora forecast at – Look out for the Kp Index, do not assume if the Kp Index is low, it stays low for the whole of the night, as we found out in our Auroral adventures, that’s not the case, Kp changes pretty often based on the solar sub storms

Where did we stay:

We love staying in small lovely cottages away from the hustle and bustle of the city, our first option would be to try to get a cottage if possible and Tromso is no stranger to mountain lodges and cottages, we did find one and we were attracted to it looking at the photos and the view.

Little Red House as its aptly named is a cosy little cabin an hours drive from Tromso, sits right on the water-front with views of the spectacular Lyngen Alps, photos do more justice to the beauty than words, so enjoy the beauty below.

Solli, the little red house cottage where we stayed in Tromso

Solli, the little red house cottage where we stayed in Tromso

Who needs a TV when there is a live 106" version here...

Who needs a TV when there is a live 106″ version here… (View from Solli living room)

A nice Rainbow popped out...

A nice Rainbow popped out… (Solli)

Nesting Sea Gulls

Nesting Sea Gulls (Solli)

A small waterfall stream near Solli

A small waterfall stream near Solli

Views from Solli

Views from Solli

Aurora above the Little Red House.

Aurora above the Solli Little Red House.

Getting Around:

If you are on an Aurora hunt, self drive seems to be the best option as you might have to stay very late into the night and far from your place of stay and you might have to do lots of driving around to find a clear spot with no clouds – Chasing the Aurora as we like to call it. There are car rentals in Tromso airport, book in advance for some good deals.

Captured from our Cottage next to the shore line.

Click to View Norway Foto Gallery


Some more beautiful Images:

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Trek to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

Trek to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

Breathtaking views of the Fjord from Pulpit rock

May 252013

Preikestolen also famously known as the Pulpit Rock is a famous trekking destination and a natural attraction in Western Norway an hour from Stavanger.

It’s a massive cliff with an unusual formation where the top of the cliff is flat measuring 85 x 85 feet, the cliff is 604 meters above the Lysefjord and the views from the cliff are spectacular.

View from Pulpit Rock

View from Pulpit Rock

Reaching the cliff peak takes around 4 to 5 hours and you need to be reasonably fit as the climb is steeper in many places along the route and lots of rocky boulders to climb and ridges to cross along the way.

Hike Map

Make sure you have a good pair of trekking shoes, trekking poles will be helpful if you have one, water, food (there are no shops at the cliff top) and lots of enthusiasm and when you reach the top, there is nothing that matches the beauty of nature’s painting that beholds your eye, beautiful view of the Lysefjord with blue-green waters and the feeling of standing on top, its just gorgeous.

Path leading to the peak

Path leading to the peak

Preikestolen YHA from a mid way view point

Preikestolen YHA from a mid way view-point

Pulpit Rock Hike GPS tracklog

Trek Note: There are 2 paths that take you 2 the cliff, they separate approx 2/3rds of the way as seen in the track map above, the right hand side path takes you via the hilly area and its tougher than the left side Cliff walk, you might have to climb large rocks and navigate narrow crevices, but takes you to a higher point from where you can have a good view of the Pulpit rock itself. The cliff path leads direct to the pulpit rock.


How to reach Preikestolen (Hiking)

The Pulpit Rock is in Ryfylke in Western Norway, the nearest ferry terminal is Tau and the nearest airport is Stavanger, the fourth largest city in Norway, 25 kilometers from Pulpit rock.
There is a flybus from the airport every 15 minutes that gets you direct from the airport to the ferry terminal.
During summer time (Mid May to Mid September) there are regular ferries (3 every hour) from Stavanger to Tau and you can get a local bus from Tau terminal to the base of the Pulpit rock hiking trail.
The road to the site ends at a parking facility at Preikestolen Fjellstue. There is a well-marked trail that extends from the parking facility to the site, which goes through a variety of mountain landscapes.

Alternate view from the fjord below

An alternative to view the pulpit rock from the fjord is available year round: a ferry trip sails beneath the Pulpit rock through the Lysefjord. The weather other than in the summer can be wet and cold, and clouds can then prevent seeing the rock. The ship stops at several small docks on the way in and out, including a layover at the end of the Lysefjord .

Sightseeing ferries start from the Stavanger Port which is a 10 minute walk from the Stavanger-Tau Ferry terminal, check tour timings before you plan and the total round trip is 3 hours.

Attractions around the area

There are other marked hiking trails starting from the base as well and gives you good views of the Pulpit rock from the other side and a walking path around the Refsvatn lake.

The nearby mountain Kjerag (which reaches the height of 1,110 meters, near the bottom of the Lysefjord) is also a very popular hiking destination, and its famous for the boulder rock wedged between two rock faces.

Travel Note: It’s not very easy to reach Kjerag from Preikestolen other than by car, its a 3 hour drive around the fjords, there is only one or 2 ferries a day from Stavanger/Forsand, so if you plan to do the Kjerag hike, make sure you have a car and its a tougher hike than the pulpit.

Where to Stay

If you want to stay at the base after a hard days hike and can’t be bothered going back to Stavanger, then the only option is the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.
We stayed at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge (, which is situated at the beginning of the hike idyllically in the Ryfylke moorlands, overlooking the Refsvatn lake. The lodge is built to hotel standards and the new block was built in 2009.

Prices (as of May 2013)

Stavanger Sola airport to City centre by flybus – 100 NOK Per person (one way)
Ferry Stavanger to Tau – 46 NOK per person (one way)
Tau to Preikestolen YHTTA by bus – 85 NOK per person (one way)

View from Pulpit Rock

Click to View Norway photo Gallery


Some more beautiful Images:

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Snowy way in Nordic Norway

Snowy way in Nordic Norway

Beautiful Norway by Flam Railway

December 152008
Mirror effect in Flam valley - Norway

Mirror effect in Flam valley – Norway

Easter on a long weekend with a bank holiday as well, what more do you need to plan a trip. This time its a little bit more towards the north pole, yes its Norway. Its the end of winter, the start of the spring season and as its going to be cold, we expected the trip to be more closer to nature.
Our 5 day Itinerary for Norway

Day 1 – Flew into Norway Torp airport, roamed around Oslo

Day 2 – Norway in a nutshell tour of the Fjords.

Day 3 – Trekked up mount Bergen

Day 4 – On the train back to Oslo

Day 5 – Back to London.

Norge, yes another name for Norway is a beautiful country with a lot of Valleys and mountains, I would call it the country of Tunnels, i have not seen such long tunnels and in numerous ones along the way, I almost lost count of how many there were.

Weather in Norway

The peak season actually is during April to July where the months of may and June being the most colourful with all the trees and flowers blossoming.

We were actually a month early and it was also one of the coldest this year at -13 degrees.

Travel and useful tips

We booked all our accommodations through the site, this site gives you umpteen choices of hotels and hostels to stay at a very cheap rates.Going around in Norway : Going around in Norway is very easy, just get a local map from the hostel, the local language is Norge but people understand English and can reply back in English.

The city of Oslo

oslo, norway

The streets of Oslo

The trip had an amazing start right from the way we landed in Oslo airport, Ryanair was supposed to land in Torp airport, but due to heavy snow and low visibility, we had to land in Oslo city airport. After much difficult and the plane literally flying like a crow with its wings shaking up and down in the torrential wind and snow, the wheels touched the white tar on the runaway created by the intense snowing. Everybody clapped to have had a successful touch down.

We had breakfast in the airport and took the train to Oslo, checked into the Perminalen hotel.

We had no specific plans in Oslo, Oslo had a lot of Museums, so we did not care to visit them, just started a walk around the city, it was white all over the place, played in the snow in the parks throwing snow at each other.

Norway in a Nutshell Tour – [Day 2]

This is one of the major attraction tours in Norway, advance booking can be done from, the ticket includes the train from Oslo to Myrdal

Oslo, Bergen, Flam

Train from Oslo to Myrdal

from Myrdal you need to take the Flam railway to Flam, this is one of the picturesque route with lots of waterfalls, valleys, gorges and beautiful mountains and houses all along the way, this train even stops along the way for capturing some beautiful scenery.

Once you reach Flam, you will have an hour there to look around and then a ferry awaits you to take you to Guduvangen, this ferry ride is also another major picturesque ride on the lake valley between two mountains.

From Gudvangen, a bus awaits there and takes you to Voss, from Voss you can take the train to Bergen, all these can be covered in a single day, but we stayed in Bergen for another day.

Bergen Trek – [Day 3]

Bergen, Norway

View on the way trekking up mount Bergen

This day in Bergen was another eventful and exercising day trekking up mount Bergen. We started at 11 in the morning and as we started the ascend we were greeted by the Snow fall, as we went higher up, the snowing became very intense and the path was completely covered in snow, we played, danced, jumped in the snow to our hearts content and reached the peak.

Bergen, Oslo

Night view of Bergen port

Travel Information

London Airports to Oslo – 1:40 hours by flight
Going around Norway – A lot of intercity trains.
The best way to enjoy Norway is the Norway in a nutshell tour

Some more beautiful Images:

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