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Snowy way in Nordic Norway

Snowy way in Nordic Norway

Beautiful Norway by Flam Railway

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  • Date Posted: Dec 15, 2008
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Mirror effect in Flam valley - Norway

Mirror effect in Flam valley – Norway

Easter on a long weekend with a bank holiday as well, what more do you need to plan a trip. This time its a little bit more towards the north pole, yes its Norway. Its the end of winter, the start of the spring season and as its going to be cold, we expected the trip to be more closer to nature.
Our 5 day Itinerary for Norway

Day 1 – Flew into Norway Torp airport, roamed around Oslo

Day 2 – Norway in a nutshell tour of the Fjords.

Day 3 – Trekked up mount Bergen

Day 4 – On the train back to Oslo

Day 5 – Back to London.

Norge, yes another name for Norway is a beautiful country with a lot of Valleys and mountains, I would call it the country of Tunnels, i have not seen such long tunnels and in numerous ones along the way, I almost lost count of how many there were.

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Weather in Norway

The peak season actually is during April to July where the months of may and June being the most colourful with all the trees and flowers blossoming.

We were actually a month early and it was also one of the coldest this year at -13 degrees.

Travel and useful tips

We booked all our accommodations through the site, this site gives you umpteen choices of hotels and hostels to stay at a very cheap rates.Going around in Norway : Going around in Norway is very easy, just get a local map from the hostel, the local language is Norge but people understand English and can reply back in English.

The city of Oslo

oslo, norway

The streets of Oslo

The trip had an amazing start right from the way we landed in Oslo airport, Ryanair was supposed to land in Torp airport, but due to heavy snow and low visibility, we had to land in Oslo city airport. After much difficult and the plane literally flying like a crow with its wings shaking up and down in the torrential wind and snow, the wheels touched the white tar on the runaway created by the intense snowing. Everybody clapped to have had a successful touch down.

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Trek to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

We had breakfast in the airport and took the train to Oslo, checked into the Perminalen hotel.

We had no specific plans in Oslo, Oslo had a lot of Museums, so we did not care to visit them, just started a walk around the city, it was white all over the place, played in the snow in the parks throwing snow at each other.

Norway in a Nutshell Tour – [Day 2]

This is one of the major attraction tours in Norway, advance booking can be done from, the ticket includes the train from Oslo to Myrdal

Oslo, Bergen, Flam

Train from Oslo to Myrdal

from Myrdal you need to take the Flam railway to Flam, this is one of the picturesque route with lots of waterfalls, valleys, gorges and beautiful mountains and houses all along the way, this train even stops along the way for capturing some beautiful scenery.

Once you reach Flam, you will have an hour there to look around and then a ferry awaits you to take you to Guduvangen, this ferry ride is also another major picturesque ride on the lake valley between two mountains.

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From Gudvangen, a bus awaits there and takes you to Voss, from Voss you can take the train to Bergen, all these can be covered in a single day, but we stayed in Bergen for another day.

Bergen Trek – [Day 3]

Bergen, Norway

View on the way trekking up mount Bergen

This day in Bergen was another eventful and exercising day trekking up mount Bergen. We started at 11 in the morning and as we started the ascend we were greeted by the Snow fall, as we went higher up, the snowing became very intense and the path was completely covered in snow, we played, danced, jumped in the snow to our hearts content and reached the peak.

Bergen, Oslo

Night view of Bergen port

Travel Information

London Airports to Oslo – 1:40 hours by flight
Going around Norway – A lot of intercity trains.
The best way to enjoy Norway is the Norway in a nutshell tour

Some more beautiful Images:

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