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Skiing in French Alps (Serre Chevalier)

Skiing in French Alps (Serre Chevalier)

Skiing down powdery slopes in French Alps

  • Author: SuniKans
  • Date Posted: Dec 30, 2008
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Skiing in Serre Chevalier

Come December and the climate gets colder and one thing that comes to my mind is the sight of fresh white powder sprinkled all over the majestic alps, and am sure the very sight of it makes my feet sway around and eager to put on the skis and slide down the lovely slopes.

I felt it much better to book the Ski trip as a package, you get to forget the headaches of airport transfers, buying lift passes for the ski slopes, searching for good Chalets or hotels to stay and renting the ski equipments, so lot less hassle to bother. We booked with the group, they had pretty good and very efficient on my last Ski trip.

I booked the trip in September and got some very good deals for this trip. –



Definitely its gonna be cold, but we had blue skies and lovely sun the whole of the week and snow showers in the night on X’mas day 25th to Saturday 27th, the perfect conditions for skiing.

What to eat

There are a lot of mountain restaurants on the Piste that serve some good food and lots of hot chocolate.

Travel and useful tips

Take some good ski clothing, i would recommend for some good quality ones to withstand the cold and all other bits and pieces for the ski trip.

One piece of technology that was very useful for us was the Walkie Talkie, we purchased the Cobra MT975 license free PMR446 range ones, these had a range of 12Kms and did a very good job, as myself and Sarvanan had skied before, we hit some higher slopes and still were able to be in contact with the other two for lunch time, the range of these sets were pretty good and we were still in contact from the top of the mountain peak at 2700m to the ski Piste bottom where the other 2 were learning skiing.

Travel Information

The nearest airports to Serre Chevalier is Grenoble, Lyon or Turin with a transfer time of approx 2 hours, there are lots of Piste maps available all over the place which you can use while skiing to find your best route to ski down and to find new Pistes.

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