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Adrenalin Adventure in South Wales

Adrenalin Adventure in South Wales

Quad biking, nature, adventure, Go Karting

  • Author: SuniKans
  • Date Posted: Dec 15, 2008
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Need some Adrenalin….Go to South Wales

Trip to South Wales

It all started like this, one of our guys in our Gang, dearly called “Bevuda”, is returning back to Infosys base and he wanted a Car trip before he goes back, so we initially planned for Cornwall, but it was a bit longer drive and after much back and forth for the places, we decided on South Wales, we have already done North Wales.This trip we wanted it to be an Adrenalin filled adventure trip, so here is what we did in south wales.

A brief up of our start……

This time its 7 people and got a Vauxhall Zafira from the rental agency, even though we wanted a Toyota Previa, after much hesitation, all of them squeezed into the car by 10:00Pm and we set sail to catch M4 from our home in London Fields.

It was approx 250 miles drive, so we chose to drive at our own pace, spent a lot of time in the services, as we did not want to reach the Hostel very early. So we reached the Hostel by 6:30Am, the views of the Sea were wonderful, took some wonderful snaps, myself and Srinath started exploring the rocks and caves around there.

Adventure Activities in South Wales.

Once your into the place, check for the tourist information centre and get a copy of the attractions map and decide on the places

Quad biking 

IMG_0483 Quite thrilling

Quad bike….. we look clean.. don’t we?

This is one of the best adventure activities we did in S’Wales. Its basically a 4 wheeled all terrain bike and you need to drive up and down the mountains, through deep crates, down the valley and through thick mud and slush, wow, you would definitely feel you are just thrown out of the bike many a times.Its pure fun and I would recommend it to anybody who has a lil bit of daring to try these stuff. Check this site for more information on Quad biking, its better to call those guys and book the slots in advance.
quad bikes, wales

Muddy quads after the ride

Other Adventures

There are a lot more adventure activities, just be sure to pick up the leaflets in the hostel or in any attraction site and that will provide you the details of many more attractions like Go-Karting, Paint balling, Shooting, Archery, and many many more.
Another place worth mentioning is the Aberdulais falls and the Trek in the Valley of Neath, during the Trek you will pass through a lot of small and large water falls and the scenery is really breathtaking.

Travel Information

YMCA Hostel –        15£ per night with Breakfast.
Car Rental –        28£ per day for an Automatic D class car.
The total trip cost us approx 150£ per head.
2 full days in South wales will be an ideal plan, but a weekend trip is also as exciting.
Check out the fotos section to find out more on the enchanting beauty and the adventurous fun that we had in South Wales.
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